How To Paint A Timber Lodge


Painting Log Cabins & Timber Lodges

Teknos Paint Coatings, are specialist water based microporous paint treatments used extensively u by joinery manufacturers, log cabin, and timber lodge manufacturers. Teknos is a highly regarded brand originating from Denmark, Teknos is a trade product and not generally sold as a DIY brand. Glenwood decorating supplies, are one of only a handfull of direct suppliers here in the UK of Teknos, our sister company CFG Finishes are applicators of the Teknos systems, using it in factory enviroment to coat bespoke timber windows, doors, orangeries & conservatories. Glenwood decorating supplies & CFG Finishes have a unique association with this brand and are one of the few companys in the Uk apart from Teknos Uk, whom can give advice and assistance with confidence.

Teknos Paint, can be ordered in many opaque shades, White, Greens, Greys etc.... Teknos Paint used in conjunction with the timber lodge & log cabin market are traditionally translucent colours, or stain finishes, Teak, Sapele, Mahogany etc.. (Teknos Light, Teknos Medium, Teknos Dark )


First steps:

Inspect your log cabin, timber lodge regularly, at least twice a year, before & after the winter periods would be recommended. You are looking for any loose flaking coating, any splits in the timber. If you locate any of these things then you need to carry out a little maintenance, we at glenwood decorating supplies can help.

The best way to carry out these inspections are when you are washing your lodge or cabin down, washing the exterior of the cabin is essential to remove atmospheric pollutants from the coatings surface, things such as mould spores, lichens etc, which during prolonged damo spells thrive on the exterior finish and start to destroy the effectiveness of the paint film.

The only thing between the elements & the timber of your investment is a microscopic thin film of PAINT... & it must be looked after if your investment is to survive without major future expense replacing the boards.

Glenwood decorating supplies & Cfg Finishes can give advise & Cfg Finishes can also carry out full re-paints to save you the hassle. We supply the Teknos 2600 Aqua Top in currently 3 shades for the treatment of log canbins & timber lodges.

Before applying Teknos Paint:

After your inspection wash the area you need to repair with clean water & allow to dry, remove any flaking loose coating with a medium abrasive pad, ( 240 grit ). If it the remedial area is near the end of the board & it has split, we would recommend the use of Teknoseal 4001 Clear, this is a highly flexible sealant specifically designed & used purely for this purpose. Once you have completed the preperation & it is dry. Apply 2 x even brush coats to the area feathering out to achieve a seamless finish.

For larger areas or even full re-paint of your log cabin, timber lodge Cfg Finishes offer a complete service, they can carry out a full annual maintenance programme, cleaning of roof's, & gutters then a full wash down & re application of a specialist coating to freshen & protect the paint system for the next 6 - 8 months. Cfg finishes also specialise in full re - finishes, after the preperation, cleaning of exhuding knots, sealing of split boards they apply be spray application the Teknos or Sikkens trade brand of coating to the original manufacturers specification, giving between 3 - 5 years between re - paints.


It is a common misconception that sanding, you have to rub until your fingers hurt .... all you need is to remove flaking substrate, & abrade the area to give a key to they next coat of paint to stick too.. We recommend the use of 180 / 240g abrasives, we would also advise you sand following the grain and not cutting across the grain as when you re-apply it can show sanding marks.


Knots in timber are where the branches used to be and as such cannot be removed, believe me we've been asked... Knots have 2 properties which can become unsightly, in pale colours they discolour the finish by displaying a tanning, which shows as a light brown stain in the paint finish, in painted finishes the use products such as Zinsser 123 & Zinsser B I N primer alternatively Zinsser Coverstain each of these products will help to hold some of this tanning back but there are no guarantees. Knots which exhude resin are a common problem, unfortunately nothing will stop or slow this process down, basically this is the sap / resin of the tree being drawn out usually by the heat of the sun, the warmth liquifies the resin & draws it out. This process can occur for many years, dried resin can be scrapped away gently, or removed with small amounts of methylated spirit. Any disturbed or broken paint finish must be repaired.


Application :

Teknos paint can be easily applied, we recommend the use of a long bristled synthetic paint brush such as the Expert Aqua paint brush. There are a few things however to remember, Teknos is a water based paint and it is not recommended to be applied in temperatures below 5c, on very hot days the coating will dry much quicker reducing the wet edge time which may lead to heavy brush lines with the coating drying too quickly,this can also accur when gentle breeze is present as water based dry best with constant air flow across them. Unlike traditional oil based paints which give a longer open time to lay the product off water based coatings require you keep working to the wet edge too many passes will result in an un-even finish, if the coating seems to be drying too quickly you can add 5-10% of clean water to ease the application.