How to freshen your garden furniture

Get your wooden table & chairs ready for summer....

Your wooden garden furniture will be looking a little out of sorts at the present moment, having either been out over winter, or maybe you have just brought it from the garage or shed. Firstly you need to remove any algae or moss / lichen, which will be living on your furniture, you can use Ronseal Garden Furniture Cleaner, alternatively a bucket of warm soapy water with a small amount of bleach added, to help kill mould spores. Once you have cleaned your furniture down, allow it to dry thoroughly before moving onto applying a finish.

If your furniture is Teak, then Teak oil is really the only option, this is due to Teak being an oily specie & hence giving it good weather resistant properties & thus the reason it is extensively used for exterior furniture. We stock Blackfriars Teak Oil, Ronseal Teak Oil, Mangers Teak oil. The oiling of the furniture does need to be done regularly throughout the summer to maintain protection, the regular application of Teak Oil is replacing the Oils lost through evaporation. Another consideration to the type of finishing product you use, is what products have been used previously. If you have oiled before, & unless you can be sure the oil has totally evaporated, I would advise you continue with oil, otherwise to apply a paint or stain product on top may lead to problems with adhesion.

Applying Teak Oil, Linseed Oil, is quite simple. Using a paint brush, apply the Teak oil wiping any excess off with a rag, you may need to apply a few coats if it's the begining of the season.

Soft wood or Hard wood species. If your furniture is of either of these timber types you have a few more options, again providing they have not been oiled previously.

You could use Sikkens Hls, Sikkens Filter 7, Sadolin Classic Woodstain, Sadolin Extra Durable, Ronseal, Blackfriar, Any of these products would last maybe more than one season, providing they are protected over the winter months.

Application of these paints / stain options would be by brush.

Should you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact ourselves & we would be happy to offer more advice