Basic Guide to Painting

Basic Guide to Painting

Preparation is crucial to the success of any painting job so make sure you spend a bit of time before you start making sure everything is in order!

Before painting, ensure your walls and ceilings are clean, dust free and completely dry. Wash them down with sugar soap before rinsing with water and then let them dry out.

You may need to fill any unsightly cracks, you may wish to fill any gap between the skirting board and wall. Cracks in the wall you would use either a Ready Mixed Filler, or a Powder Filler which you would need to mix your own to the quantity required once this has dried you would need to sand the area back smooth. The gap between skirting and wall we would suggest Decorators Caulk, you may also require a Caulk Gun for the application.

You may wish to mask areas off which are not being painted, maybe skirtings, door frames, windows etc.. 

Ensure you have enough protective sheeting down to ensure you don'’t have any unsightly spillages on your floor. It would also be wise to have a wet cloth handy so you can swiftly remove any rogue paint! In addition, have tools, such as a scraper or sandpaper, to hand in case you missed anything when you were preparing the walls.

Before applying the paint, make sure you check the colour is correct, once you are happy it is the right shade you may wish to pour a quantity into a suitable tray, which allows you to dip your brush or roller in without hindrance.

Many decorators would at this stage " Cut In " this is where they would use the brush to go around the edges, up against the ceiling or skirting making it easier with the roller and preventing go over on to other surfaces.

Walls, start from the top to bottom. If you were to go from bottom to top, splashes would likely land on the surface you have already painted and that has started to dry – not ideal!

One coat is'nt always enough it is recommended that you have a cup of tea, or two, ( emulsion paint give it a few hours  2- 4 ) while you wait for it to dry to see if it needs another coat. If the first coat dries patchy you will need to give a second coat to enhance the finish. Most importantly, make sure you enjoy it - pop the radio on and add a little fun to decorating !!

Items You May / Will Need : 

Overalls, Paint ( Check colour is correct ), Roller & Tray, Paint Brush, Dust Sheets, Masking Tape, Cleaning materials, Steps, Filler, Filling Knife,